Welcome to the official Orange County chapter of The University of Alabama National Alumni Association

We are located in the city of Irvine, California.  We were founded by our dear friend and alumni, the late Gregory Hook.  It was his vision that enabled us to come together and form the group now know as the Orange County University of Alabama Alumni Association.  We honor his vision by moving forward and growing this chapter in the spirit of his love for The University of Alabama.  Greg Hook’s name will forever be associated with the best that we have to offer the alumni and our community and is the inspiration for our mission statement.

Our mission is to further the support and awareness of all things pertaining to The University of Alabama, its alumni, family, and supporters.

Our membership is comprised of Alumni, family of current and past attendees, fans, and supporters of The University of Alabama.  One need not have actually attended the university to become a valued member.

Our alumni association is governed by a Board which is comprised of alumni, their spouses, current students, proud parents, friends, and general supporters.

We encourage any and all who are interested to contact and join our association.